Dear Bow Lane and Cordwainer businesses,

A few local business owners have started to collaborate to help us through this crisis. Most of the local businesses have closed and some are managing to work from home, but we know of others that are struggling and are unsure if they will be able to reopen.

I have been asked to resurrect and lead the Bow Bells Association to have a more powerful voice and a better chance of being able to re-open our businesses post this Covid 19 crisis. We have started to collate a database of owners and common challenges that they currently face. One immediate issue is the paying of rent and service charges.

Simon Burton has formulated a survey to gather data, in order to start to voice these concerns en masse to the landlords, and other interested parties. We want to be GDPR complaint but also understand these are exceptional circumstances. Please be assured that these details will not be passed on and you will not be sold anything.

If you know of other friends or colleagues with businesses in the area please pass on the survey link so we can reach and help more people.

This is a time to come together,

James Goolnik

Chairman of Bow Bells Association

[email protected]