The annual Wardmote was held in St Mary Aldermary Church on Wednesday 20 March.  The Wardmote was presided over by the Alderman, Sir Roger Gifford, and was well attended by electors.  The two Common Councilmen, Sir Michael Snyder and Alex Barr, briefly spoke about current Ward and City issues, including roadworks, congestion, air quality and business activity.

Thomas Ackland retired as Honorary Ward Clerk – after no less that 41 years in office.  The Alderman and Sir Michael Snyder both paid tribute to his consciousness and efficiency, as well as his enthusiasm for the Ward.  John Miller, former Clerk to the Cordwainers’ Company was appointed as the new Honorary Ward Clerk.

Sir Roger and Sir Michael also paid tribute to Sir Mark Boleat, who had announced his retirement as a member of the Court of Common Council the previous week.  He had been an outstanding Policy Chairman of the City as well as being a good member of the Ward team.

Details of the by-election following Sir Mark’s retirement have also been announced.  The Wardmote will be held on 29 April in St Mary Aldermary Church.  If an election is necessary it will be held the following day.