Aldermen of the City of London, by convention, serve for six year terms, resigning their office at a suitable time before the end of the six years and if they wish to continue in office standing for re-election.

Sir Roger Gifford is nearing the end of his current six year term as Alderman for the Ward of Cordwainer. He has surrendered the office of Alderman for the Ward and is seeking re-election for another term. An election will now take place.

Candidates have until noon on Wednesday 12 October to submit their nomination papers.

A Wardmote is scheduled to take place at noon on Thursday 3 November at the Church of St Mary Aldermary, Watling Street, London, EC4N 9BW. All eligible voters are entitled to attend and there will be an opportunity for candidates to address the meeting and for voters to ask them questions.

If the election is contested then a poll will take place on Friday 4 November, also at the Church of St Mary Aldermary. The hours of poll will be 8am – 8pm.