Mark Boleat and Sir Michael Snyder have published their manifesto for the Cordwainer Ward election on 23 March.  In the manifesto they say –

“We have worked actively and enthusiastically to promote the interests of the Ward, the City, London and the country –Mark Boleat and Sir Michael Snyder

  • We have helped facilitate improvements to King Street, Watling Street, Queen Street, Bow Lane, Bow Churchyard and Cheapside, and are excited by the development of Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in the Ward
  • We believe the City has a major role in promoting services that benefit all of London, and in addition to our work with neighbouring boroughs have been involv
    ed in securing substantial new cultural facilities for the capital and in promoting education and employment opportunities, particularly for those from less advantaged backgrounds.
  • We energetically promoted the City’s interests in the Brexit Referendum and since the Referendum have been heavily involved in seeking to ensure that the outcome is as favourable as possible to the City.

We are deeply conscious of our responsibilities to the “Business City”, particularly in these challenging political times. We are dedicated to the maintenance of London as the world’s leading International Financial and Business Centre, with world-class professional services providing employment for thousands and substantial income for the nation. And, equally, we will continue working to make London a great place in which to live and work for people from all backgrounds.”